Monday, November 1, 2010

The Trocadero

The Arch Street Oprah House, better known as The Trocadero Theatre, or simply "The Troc", opened in 1870 and was designed by Edwin Forrest Durang.


It's various incarnations include The Arch Street Opera House, Park Theatre, New Arch Street Oprah House, Continental Theatre, Gaiety Theatre, Casino/Palace Theatre, Troc Theatre, Slocum's and Sweatman's Theatre, Sweatman's Arch Street Opera House, Simmon's & Slocum's Theatre, and Simmon's Theatre.


Over the years the Trocadero has hosted plays, vaudeville shows, and burlesque. It played a prominent roll entertaining traveling businessmen and military personnel during Chinatown's colorful history as the city's vice district, complimenting nearby opium dens and the adjacent Furnished Room District and Tenderloin.

The Trocadero today

Its most recent use was established in 1986 as a concert and dance venue.

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