Friday, November 12, 2010

Deconstructing Carl Greene

Someone that needs to go away.

By now everyone knows that Carl Greene, the recently fired Executive Director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, is suing the PHA Board for $4M. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, when self-appointed PHA Chairman and ex-mayor John Street was asked about the lawsuit, he replied in an email with "Ha Ha!" sixty-four times. Street said there would be no settlement with Greene, and even went as far to say a counter-suit should be considered.

Don't get me wrong, my disgust for Street's chronic corruption runs almost as deep my opinions on Greene. I don't think anyone is naive enough to believe that Street's seemingly off-the-cuff attacks on Greene aren't strategic, diversionary tactics aimed at taking the pressure off the Board for their oversights. Nonetheless, wouldn't it be delightful to see Greene finally held accountable for his actions?

In all reality I don't see this happening, not in our City Hall. Street is playing his little game: the game that got him elected, the game that beat Katz, and the game that keeps him and his family of miscreants relevant to this day. The city will cave, and We The Taxpayers will pay Greene off.

As the recent economic strife sends civic treasurers through a mouse maze looking for cash, it is becoming painfully apparent that a lot of our lost funds have been going to criminals that we continue to employ. The potential silver lining in this whole debacle lies in the involvement of the Federal Government. Our cronies hide behind Philadelphia's thin veil of institutionalized corruption but - as Street knows very well - once Washington steps in our vultures start naming names and pointing fingers.

Street's Blackberry Jam almost destroyed him once, and his near escape has made a brazenly corrupt man behave as if he were invincible. While Greene's pathetic cash grab is going to land him in the frying pan, Street is flying dangerously close to the sun. Greene might get his $4M and Street might be able to steer the local media in the wrong direction with his absurdities, but once the dust settles and the long and boring criminal investigation begins to heat up, both of these caricatures of civic misconduct will be wishing they walked away from this situation quickly and quietly when they had the chance.

The Greene $$$ Breakdown:

$300,000+ annual salary
$50,000+ annual bonuses
$900,000+ in insurance settlements paid on Greene's behalf
$600,000+ in insurance premiums paid on Greene's behalf

Now, after using our tax dollars to fund his sexcapades, he's asking us for $4M more. At least Tiger Woods blamed it on some phantom psychological disorder and Mel Gibson blamed it on booze.

Greene, in his mind, has done nothing wrong. He truly believes that his behavior was professional, his actions just, and that he has been wrongfully terminated. The sick fact is, this delusion will earn him $4M.

I just hope his holiday is short lived and the media hasn't lost interest when the Feds finally knock at his door.

Someone that needed to go away 10 years ago.

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