Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We've got a Gehry!

Frank Gehry will be remodeling a basement hallway at the Philadelphia Museum of Art that has been sealed shut since 1975. It's not clear what the space will look like or if it will even be a public space. The overall goal of the museum is to expand gallery space, although the space being designed by Gehry will be used for storage and preparation. This space is scheduled to be completed in 2012.

Frank Gehry received notoriety for turning balls of foil into buildings in 1998. Since then the "one trick pony," as he was pegged by The Economist, has been marketing variations of that same design to cities around the globe. Like a modern artist who blows his nose on a piece of paper and calls it art, Gehry has applied this technique to the architecture community. Like other celebrity architects, his vision is more about marketing an image or a brand than it is about design, innovation, or even quality. While local designers at Erdy-McHenry and QB3 are busy creating a new artistic movement, Gehry is creatively convincing each City's Hall why their town needs to Get a Gehry.

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