Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Other CITC?

The internet may have unearthed Foster and Partners' original plan for Comcast's CITC. It's not completely clear if it is actually Foster's original design or a redesign prepared by Visualhouse. Nonetheless, I like it better.

Its flat fa├žade makes the tower appear taller and the detail at the top looks more appropriate than a spire. Spires are a cheesy way to claim height, and unless you want to dock a dirigible, they don't serve a purpose. Even as a design element, a spire on a building with such a flat roof looks like an afterthought. CITC's alternative design carries its existing framework up, subtly tapering off in the sky.

Again, it's not clear if Foster and Partners had any role in the renderings but it's fun to see another look at a proposal that seems to be locked in place.

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