Thursday, April 3, 2014

Babette is Out

Babette Josephs, the former Congresswoman who sought to challenge Rep Brian Sims, won't be appearing on the Democratic primary ballot in May. Josephs was defeated by Sims in 2012 bringing her fourteen year reign to an end.

Josephs didn't get the 300 signatures required to appear on the ballot. A significant number of signatures were thrown out when it was determined that the homeless man she hired to go door to door had moved to West Philadelphia, and no longer lived in her district. Ironically she told, "It's about the people of the 182nd District and the people of Pennsylvania." It would seem she isn't invested enough in the 182nd District to know that her most important asset didn't even live in it.

Sims, who replaced Josephs in 2012, may not be everyone's favorite. He's a politician first and foremost, but he deviates from the career cronies we are accustomed to watching rise through the ranks abiding by the status quo. 

Sims could easily secure his place as one of Pennsylvania's many career Congressman by doing little more than existing as the reigning Democrat in a heavily Democratic district. But he's active and visible. I don't think he's content with his current position and that's a good thing for Center City. No one hires an employee who doesn't want his boss's job, and I think Sims is eying Washington. It's rare that the Philadelphia region ever has anyone that ambitious.

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