Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Memorial Park at 22nd and Market

Whether or not you're in favor of a memorial park at 22nd and Market, the site of last year's deadly demolition collapse, it's probably going to happen. It's a little disheartening that the public's ire for those responsible has neatly segued to memorializing the lost before justice has been served. But the short attention span of the media has abandoned those charged with crimes for renderings of wooden fences and trees, and who doesn't love pictures of parks more than politicians seeking cover from the stink of failing services?

So here we are.

The Philadelphia Horticultural Society provided a rendering of a proposed park and memorial garden.
Yeah, I know, right? But you can relax and rest assured that cattle fences will not be lining Philadelphia's boulevard of skyscrapers. The image is just a sample provided by the PHS of what could be, likely to show landscape designers and architects the scope of the space with which they'll be working.

A crowd sourcing effort is being used to raise funds for the site and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts will be holding a competition for its final design.

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