Saturday, February 1, 2014

Philadelphia's Future Skyline

Some Googling found a cool image of Philadelphia's potential skyine by Clem Cizewski & CC3D, a local architectural rendering firm. Using all of Philadelphia's approved proposals, including Mandeville Place, CC3D takes liberties with Comcast's proposed CITC (or perhaps the American Commerce Center), replacing it with a much more iconic city's tallest.

Clem Cizewski & CC3D

Despite my love affair with skyscrapers, one thing I never liked about Comcast Center is how it took some of the drama from Philadelphia's skyline by surpassing Liberty Place with a boring glass box. It's hard to say if Foster's new CITC spire will bring any of that excitment back to the panoramic views of the city.

If CC3D's skyline looks a litte New Yorky, keep in mind that the Freedom Tower looks a little familiar itself.

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