Tuesday, February 25, 2014

House of Comcast

Philebrity was quick to point out the ripeness emanating from the latest pile of shit heaped on the internet from the House of Comcast. Netflix has entered into a multi-year agreement with the cable (now content) giant and "have established a more direct connection" between the content and the cable provider.

Can you smell that?

While Comcast is obviously trying to diffuse the controversy surrounding the death of Net Neutrality by appearing to play nice with its competitive content, this is exactly what the internet gatekeepers had hoped to accomplish by defeating Net Neutrality. The fair market is dead in the virtual world of the internet, and Comcast can now legally extort millions from its content competitors like Netflix. 

If this were truly a valiant effort on Comcast's part that was in any way intended to improve your viewing experience, Hulu would be included in this alleged improvement. But this is just a way for Comcast to grab a bit of your $7.99 Netflix bill, remember Comcast already owns 32% of Hulu.


  1. Can you please stop with the rhetoric, assumptions, and speculation? Educate yourself. The Comcast-Netflix deal is very common. Please read the following article:


    Also, it's funny how you previously questions why there was no public process with the new tower going up. Well, that's because it's currently happening right now:


    You confused an announcement with approvals.

    Try to get the facts straight before pontificating.

    1. I previously said there was no community resistance which was odd considering how residents of Kennedy House reacted to ACC. I did speculate that the CITC would breeze through City Council, I wasn't the only one to do so, and the article you just shared confirms some of my speculative, rhetorical assumptions.

      If Streaming Media is right, we'll find out. I'm echoing what most are saying. Maybe I'm wrong.

      And bravo for pulling "pontificating" out of your back pocket. You win.

    2. I'm not sure how to value the opinion of "most people" considering they typically don't have enough facts to come close to making an informed decision.

      And let's consider the media, who is paid supposedly to research things to reflect reality. Have you ever read an article about something that you know intimately about? The inaccuracy of the published and broadcasted information is simply alarming.

      And let's approach this Comcast-Netflix deal in context. Comcast is trying to buy Time Warner Cable and is already bound to abide by Net Neutrality per the terms of the NBCUniversal deal. Do you really think they would so obviously violate Net Neutrality tenets given the Time Warner Cable deal has hardly even been glanced at by regulators?

      I wish that Net Neutrality was codified and made into a legal thing at this point already because it's important. This is the job of lawmakers and regulators, however. There is no one else to blame.

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