Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paleopolitical Pennsylvania

Former Representative Babette Josephs
Babette Josephs served the Pennsylvania House for fourteen terms, from 1985 to 2012. Not content to retire at age 73, Babette plans to challenge the wildly popular Brian Sims. Sims hasn't just shaken up Harrisburg by challenging the cronies who long for days when Babette Josephs was relevant, shattering the stereotype of the ineffectual freshman, but is quickly becoming a household name in national politics.

Sims is what's right with Pennsylvania's future. Josephs' inability to relinquish three decades of service with dignity - for whatever good she may have done in her time - is indicative of a past that too many Pennsylvania's are terrified of severing. 

Representative Brian Sims
New political blood is a rare treat in a state where prominent newspapers offer up retired mayors as the most hopeful solution to future problems.

As bad as it is that so many Pennsylvanians cling to the dinosaurs in Harrisburg, replacing Sims' fresh potential with Babette Josephs' fossil is a mistake even the most immutable Pennsylvanian can see. If Sims is leaving the Pennsylvania House anytime soon, it's for the Governor's Mansion or Washington.

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