Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Philadelphia's Williamsburg, thanks, but no thanks, Gawker

Gawker contributor, Max Reed joined BuzzFeed's so-called staff in his complete misunderstanding of the word "definitive," with his "definitive" map of Hip America. He also used the "collective knowledge of Gawker readers" to out-smug the collective staff of Gawker.

With hints of "Six Borough" narcissism, Reed surveyed readers to map out "your city's Williamsburg." 

In case you don't know, Williamsburg is a Brooklyn neighborhood populated by tedious, soul sucking, irony cling-ons, mostly from anywhere but New York. Many who've deluded  themselves into thinking $2000 a month (from their parents) and a view of the New York skyline (in the reflection from the organic soda machine across the street) is the American aspiration. And, as Reed proves, they believe that all Americans who aren't lucky enough to live amongst this death of culture are desperately biting our nails, waiting to hear about it.

If you care, or are just morbidly curious, Gawker dubbed Northern Liberties and Fishtown Philadelphia's Williamsburg. Yay, and/or no shit. 

Thank you, Reed. I'm sure everyone from Cape Town to Edmonton, Alberta (yes, he provided a spreadsheet) is as grateful as I am that Gawker took time out of its busy talking-about-New York schedule to tell me, and the rest of the world, for that matter (hello, Pensacola!), where I can go to pretend I'm as lucky (cough, douchey) as you.

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