Friday, January 17, 2014

Comcast: Subtelty is Dead

Philebrity pointed out a curious disclosure ignored by every recent article regarding Comcast's $1.2B expansion, and in doing so, may have inadvertently shown why most local news outlets have opted to ignore the not so subtle timing between Comcast's press release and a denied appeal to save Net Neutrality.

Obviously, Comcast owns NBCUniversal, so local NBC affiliates aren't going to bite the hand that feeds them. 

However, Comcast's partner in this new skyscraper is Liberty Property Trust, run by William P. Hankowsky.  

Hankowsky is a major owner of - you guessed it - Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia Daily News/
And now that Comcast is en route to owning the goddamn internet, did the state pat them on the back and offer a humble, "good job, guys"? 

No, the state and city are giving Comcast $40M towards construction.
That's like giving food stamps to Donald Trump. No, it's like giving your soul to Lord Voldemort. Which you won't be able to watch, because you bought Comcast's Basic Internet Package.


Just a reminder, people. The end of Net Neutrality means only one thing: Your ISP can charge you more for what it arbitrarily deems "premium content." Comcast is celebrating with a $1.2B skyscraper because they will soon be allowed to charge you more for sites like Facebook and BuzzFeed based on nothing more than the fact that you want them.

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