Friday, January 24, 2014

Comcast Quadruple Play

While Comcast plans it's new Innovative & Technology Center at 18th and Arch, they continue to innovate what they innovate best: new ways to suck money out of their customers, and force those who aren't customers to surrender their checking accounts.

Philebrity posited what the United States has been thinking for decades, "Comcast is somehow not a monopoly." Technically they aren't. Cable and internet are still, for some reason, not utilities.

They need to tread lightly into their next venture because they're venturing into just that.

What's left in your wallet?

Comcast plans to up their Triple Play to a Quadruple Play - in Philadelphia first, of course - by bundling electricity with phone, internet, and cable.

Will this be the straw that send's Comcast's camel plummeting into the sinkhole it deserves, or will offering electricity lower your electric bill as they claim? Sadly I'd pay PECO twice what Comcast offers just to avoid the sphincter quivering act of writing "Comcast" in my checkbook more than once a month.

Considering I have to routinely call Comcast to dispute my mysteriously fluctuating flat-rate internet bill, I can't imagine how Comcast's creative billing will take advantage of a fluctuating electric bill most users don't really understand.

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