Friday, December 13, 2013

SEPTA Concourse Improvements

Have you ever enter SEPTA's Broad Street concourse, or any part of the city's cavernous underground, and felt the impending doom of the subway scene from The Wiz?

While you might curse SEPTA for your fears, frustrations, and that urine smell, SEPTA actually doesn't manage the concourses, the city's Department of Public Property does.

That's about to change, and improve. The state's recently approved transportation funding has put SEPTA in a position to beef up its system, and the transit organization is seeking to take over management of the city's underground concourses.

Wanamaker's display window on the Market Street subway concourse

What's more interesting than simply cleaning the vast space, SEPTA is even considering retail additions to its more prominent corners of the underground. For decades Wanamaker's Department Store had several displayed windows along the Market Street's concourse, even entrances long since shuttered. Perhaps we may soon see them reopened.

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