Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Great Bull Run LLC

In the grand tradition of proving the American neck is as red as Russia's, ex-lawyer Rob Dickens has imported one of the developed world's most barbaric traditions...without any of its tradition, corporatizing it, and charging a cover.

I guess people were bored with Mud Runs and Warrior Dashes, or got tired of the fact that they require a shred of athleticism. Thousands of people gave The Great Bull Run LLC $70 a head to run around Virginia Motorsports Park near Richmond with twenty four angry bulls.

It sounds like a smart phone game, but the Humane Society took a different stance, stating, "These events are a shameful example of cruelty for the sake of nothing more than entertainment and profit."

Of course that's true. The Great Bull Run LLC is solely a for profit organization. As cruel as the Pamplona tradition may be, it is still a tradition, one culminating in an afternoon bullfight. Say what you will about either of those events, they date from the 14th Century which somehow makes them more acceptable.

Absolutely none of the, I guess you'd say romance, is present at Dicken's corporate event. In a region of Virginia commonly referred to as South Bumble ****, most participants probably think it's a Red Bull event and likely think Spain is somewhere near Mexico.

Even if The Great Bull Run LLC was in some way affiliated with the Spanish tradition, the United States is an entirely different country, one that aggressively outlaws cockfights and dog fighting as the despicable acts that they are.

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