Saturday, October 19, 2013

Post Brothers warn renters: Don't Rent at Goldtex

What? That's right. Post Brothers are warning renters not to rent at their Goldtex Apartments. Why? Because you won't want to leave.

In a fun twist in marketing, Post Brothers have turned the union protest signs along Vine Street into their own advertisements, holding their own "Do Not Rent Here" rooftop party.

L&I had been holding Post Brothers' event permit for a month, prompting Matt Pestronk, co-owner of Post Brothers Apartments to state, “If they don’t give it to us, it’s because they’re corrupt.”

The permit came through and the event went on as planned, along with the standard protesters with their mold mannequins and "Do Not Rent Here" signs. Post Brothers couldn't have hired better actors to work their party on the street. Many party attendees likely believed the protestors were just part of the show.

L&I made an appearance at the event just to make sure everything was on the up and up. You know, because L&I has been so dutiful in their response to complaints about shoddy construction sites.

When the party was over the party was over. The few union protesters left with their tails between their legs in defeat, off to drag their tired inflatable rat and worn rhetoric to the next site where developers now know they're not needed.


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