Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shut Down, kinda

Welcome to the Great Shutdown of 2013. I really should add Facebook to my list of sites to block whenever anything politically sensitive is happening...along with CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

While liberals post links to a shuttered Yellowstone National Park, conservatives blame a plan that was voted into law. Others cite wild claims that the unemployed will be forced to purchase Obamacare at rates ranging from $299 a month to a cool grand. Meanwhile friends inside the Beltway post pictures from cushy Shutdown Parties.

All of them managed to piss in my Corn Flakes this morning. 

First of all, good lucky shutting down a park the size of New Hampshire. We barely kept the gates closed at Valley Forge past 11am.

And to conservatives claiming that their unemployed brethren will be forced to eat a one thousand dollar insurance premium every month, most people don't spend $12,000 a year on health care. If two idiots optionally enrolled in this mythical plan they would actually be profiting the country. Besides, with so many conservatives complaining about "lazy welfare recipients," wouldn't such an astronomical penalty encourage everyone to go out and get a job?

It's amazing how comical people can be without cracking a smile.

Oh, and to all the ass holes sipping wine on your DuPont Circle roof decks laughing about the circus you created, your detachment from the country you represent entirely encompasses what's to blame.

After all, when Washington shuts down, the National Zoo closes, field trips to the Smithsonian get cancelled, and the Botanical Gardens close. Boohoo. Washington doesn't go out of business. Like the Congress that made the earth stand still, those that caused it will never carry the weight of their actions.

We will.

The National Gallery will reopen, Metro will run as smoothly and cleanly as it always has, and Congressional lackeys will go back to work in a week or two, looking for the next way to screw America. It's easy for five million cockroaches to thrive on the banks of the Potomac when they can feast on the carcass of the rest of us.

For other cities it's not so simple. Tourism will always thrive in Washington simply because it's Washington. We've spent decades building a fragile industry that enjoys just a fraction of Washington's success. Jobs in DC don't disappear. It's an industry town that pays itself with the taxes that we generate. When it doesn't have enough, it just grabs more.

Perhaps Washington doesn't understand the economic complexities of a real city because it isn't one. Maybe they don't understand the fragility of competitive industries because its nonprofit market siphons capital off the rest of the nation to thrive.

Rebuilding an independent city a complicated endeavor. Even larger cities like Los Angeles and Chicago will feel the after effects of DC's neglected duties.

DC doesn't care. It's become a nationally funded entity that exists solely to serve itself. Like our own corrupt City Council's detachment from Philadelphia, the U.S. Congress and Senate are even further removed from the America they represent. It's as if the Beltway itself is a great wall around the region's deluded narcissism.

It's no surprise that the phrase "what happens in Washington stays in Washington" gets uttered without a wink of irony.

Closure signs plastered on parks and landmarks around the nation are little more than a message from Congress. It's pretty obvious that this is just political maneuvering when much of what's actually closed consist of parks and landmarks that require no more security than that hired to enforce their closures.

Is the Congressional Health Care system closed? Are those that forced the shutdown on unpaid leave? Of course not. The shutdown can't affect those who shut it down. Why would it? It doesn't serve their interests.

As hissy fits go, this is as expensive as they get.

Outside Washington, we'll lose billions, people will be laid off, and businesses will close. These are concepts a Beltway Lobotomite can't understand. Maybe they'll understand come election season. If voters outside Washington haven't learned what Capitol Hill has become, government shutdowns could become the new filibuster. We don't want that.

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