Saturday, May 11, 2013

SEPTA Throw Down

State Representatives had a wild throw down over transportation funding last week, and one in particular proved once again that anyone can be elected a State Representative, as long as you're a first rate ass hole who isn't afraid to let people know you're a first rate ass hole. did a fine job itemizing the reasons State Representative Daryl Metcalf of Butler, PA is one of those first rate ass holes.

He called undocumented residents "alien invaders," stated that a non-discrimination bill wouldn't be needed if homosexuals didn't "wear their sexual desires on their sleeves," and called transit funding "more welfare."

State Representative Tom Killion did a brilliant job noting that the Philadelphia area is home to 32% of the state's residents and 40% of its economy. 

Metcalf's rant wasn't partisan nonsense. Republican State Representative Kate Harper of Montgomery County defended SEPTA as a necessary cog supported by the region.

The best line came from Killion, "If you help me pass legislation to keep all of the revenue the Southeast generates in the Southeast, we will be good to go and will never ask for anything else from the Commonwealth."

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