Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Provo Temple and the Church of the Assumption

A huge, 112 year old church in Provo, UT destroyed by a fire in 2010 has not just been salvaged, but nearly rebuilt. Gutted of its destroyed interior, the LDS's Provo Temple has been elevated forty feet in the air to add a two story basement.

An engineering feat, this begs the question why can't Philadelphia's Church of the Assumption, much smaller, at 164 years old, older, more in tact, and arguably more historic, be saved? The answer: Money. And the Mormons have a lot.

However, looking at the Provo Temple stripped of its interior it is nothing more than exterior walls. If we're willing to accept the fate of the Church of the Assumption and the fact that demolition is inevitable, perhaps we can look at another approach. Our city's historic powers that be can propose a compromise, allowing the owners to clear the lot and part with the structure if they can find someone, anywhere, willing dismantle the church and relocate it.

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