Friday, November 11, 2011

Walnut Street Supper Club

Break out your Dan Draper suit, Philadelphia is about to bring us a bit of forgotten nostalgia: The Supper Club. In a region plagued by a lack of refinement that confuses the Jersey Shore with sophistication, where the only ones in fine three piece suits are hipsters donning vintage duds as senseless irony, The Walnut Street Supper Club promises to return us to a period of grace and subdued class that doesn't wear its salary on its finely stitched sleeve.

James McManaman is scouting talent, and not for a stage on Broad Street but for servers, bus boys, and hostesses looking to sing their way to their big break in...Philadelphia.

When Portifino was closed because of damage caused by hurricane Irene Philadelphia lost an icon, but its elegant history will be reborn, restoring the locale to its 1940s grandeur.

The Walnut Street Supper Club anticipates a December opening.

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