Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joseph D. Kestenbaum

He kept his identity a secret for the the summer, hiding behind his non-responsive lawyer, Joseph C. Kuhls, to avoid the understandable public outcry over his decision to destroy the historic La Ronda. But it was inevitable that Joseph D. Kestenbaum, President, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder of Marsh Hawk Capital Management, LLC, would have to reveal himself eventually. I have to commend the Philadelphia Inquirer for mentioning Joseph D. Kestenbaum's name more than enough times to let everyone know this little man's name is Joseph D. Kestenbaum. Did I say his name? It's Joseph D. Kestenbaum.

Joseph D. Kestenbaum actually had the nerve to act shocked by the public scrutiny over his decision to bulldoze La Ronda. He's spitefully tearing down an historic and beloved landmark in one of the most historic regions of the country. Really
Joseph D. Kestenbaum? Are you serious? It's going to be lonely in that 10,000 square foot McMansion you plan to replace La Ronda with. Don't expect company from any of your neighbors.

I don't think Joseph D. Kestenbaum would be such a pariah had he not continued to deny any and all efforts by a third party to move the mansion to an ajacent lot. Yes, Joseph D. Kestenbaum would rather spend more money to raze La Ronda than let someone flip the bill to move it. Joseph D. Kestenbaum's excuse? Joseph D. Kestenbaum wants the salvage rights.

I don't know if there is anyone in the world I dislike more than Joseph D. Kestenbaum right now. I think I'd rather be on stage with Kanye West than be in a room with Joseph D. Kestenbaum. Joseph D. Kestenbaum is a bad, bad man.


  1. our society is disturbed when we destroy things like this. American's don't appreciate art.

  2. I appreciate your frustration, but I'm an American as are all those that fought for the preservation of this house. This happens everywhere, sometimes under even more shady circumstances.