Thursday, September 3, 2009

The High Horse on Horses

As if politicians don't have bigger things on their plate, PETA has urged Mayor Michael Nutter to ban the horse drawn carriages that carry tourists around the quaint, shady streets of Society Hill. Sometimes I wonder if anyone involved with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have ever really spent time with an animal. Animals are not people. They aren't bred like people, they don't think like people, and their bodies are accustomed to different physical activities than people.

Has PETA seen how these horses are babied? First of all, if these tired old horses weren't pulling carriages they'd be glue. There's your alternative PETA. Second of all these horses are treated better than half the human population of Philadelphia. The "busy streets" of Society Hill? And "Heavy loads"? It's a HORSE people! We use the horse as a system of measurement - HORSE POWER - for hauling just that!
Animals aren't people, people aren't animals. Humans weren't bred for riding and pulling carriages - horses were.

Perhaps we should spend our stimulus money on air conditioned apartments and massages for retired horses. Let's cut a little more education funding or close another library so we can make a horse a little more comfortable. And who's to say they aren't? Half the time the things sleep standing up, something tells me they might WANT regular exercise. PETA lost all credibility when they protested the President for swatting a fly. Even entertaining such an organization would be political suicide.

Do something to really help animals. Support your local ASPCA.

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