Saturday, June 4, 2011

They're ba-ack...

Carol Ann turned an ominously said, "they're ba-ack." I wondered why a cold chill ran down my spine as I opened up, whose contributors I like to think are at least moderately objective and in favor of the successful redevelopment of Center City's largest commercial corridor.

That is until I read their latest contribution from SCRUB's most vocal witch hunter, Mary Tracy.

I really don't want to give this group any more attention than they deserve, but this time the captains of unreason and an uncompromising passion to preserve the blight they claim to fight don't even seem to know what they're fighting. Or perhaps they just assume that those they pander to won't bother reading through the legal jargon of Bill 100720. The latter is probably a more accurate assumption.

Well, I read it. And Mary Tracy's latest assertion is brazenly false, and the wording in Bill 100720 couldn't be clearer.

Mary Tracy's irrational argument over "unsightly" billboards she hasn't even seen yet states that Bill 100720 would "permit large scale animated billboards on the historic buildings of Market East."

Check your facts, Mary. Bill 100720 states clearly:

(4) The following buildings shall not be considered host buildings:
(a) An historic building, unless such building during its history supported an exterior sign that would have met the definition of a large format sign;

Your move, SCRUB.

A hearing to discuss Bill 100720 will be held on Tuesday, June 7th, and 10am in Room 400 at City Hall.

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