Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Barely Human: Governor Chris Christie

You've done it again New Jersey. I just can't let this go. 

How are our elected officials still so out of touch with reality? So out of touch that this sort of behavior seems at all acceptable. 

Are they just pushing the envelope of power, seeing how much they can get away with? Have they not yet grasped the impact of communicative technologies? 

Last Wednesday, New Jersey's jowl faced, waddling governor, Chris Christie used a state helicopter to travel to his son's baseball game at Delbarton High School. 

Using a police chopper as his own Air Force Once, Christie and his wife left in a photo op that halted his son's game in the fifth inning.

There is nothing technically illegal about a New Jersey governor using a police helicopter for personal use, but considering the current economy, especially in New Jersey, it's incredibly tacky. Particularly since his predecessor, Corzine, reimbursed the state or chartered private helicopters when requiring personal transportation. It shows a dramatic disconnect between Christie's lectures on budget cuts and how he views himself.

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