Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fergie's Tower

The Jewish Federation's thrift store has been vacant for a long time, leading many to wonder why this prime piece of property spanning the block between Walnut and Sansom, 12th and 13th, hasn't been developed.

Sandwiched between a garage, one of Sl-EZ Park's many unsightly surface lots, and Fergie's Pub, 1213 Walnut Street was slated for a 29 story apartment and hotel complex in 2009. Fergie's would have remained in its current location. U3 designed a complex with 299 apartments and 152 hotel rooms that would have had a unique driveway that would have spanned the block under the tower.

Unfortunately, this project wasn't designed to include the one thing this city doesn't need more of: parking. Although this development neighbors a garage, another garage, another garage, at least five surface lots, cabs, buses, subways, not to mention a city core with at least one parking lot or garage on literally every, single block; neighboring landlords are using antiquated legality that requires parking to mount legal opposition against this project to muscle out healthy competition.

If 1213 Walnut Street moves forward, Fergie's Pub will remain unaffected.

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