Monday, August 31, 2009

SS United States

She currently serves as a dramatic backdrop for customers enjoying a plate of Swedish Meatballs at the Ikea Cafe, but after the United States Lines SS United States was launched in 1952 she would live on to hold records for both east and westbound transatlantic crossings at 3 and a half days. She was decommissioned in 1969, sold in 1978 and passed hands several times before ending up docked in South Philadelphia near I-95. The ship is on the National Register of Historic Places in large thanks to the SS United States Foundation and the SS United State Conservancy both recently active in attempts to purchase the ship from those more interested in her guts than her soul. Star Cruises is currently looking for a buyer for the subject of a recent documentary SS United States: Lady in Waiting. Last month H.F. Lenfest pledged a matching grant of $300,000 to help the SS United States Conservancy purchase the ship and save her from being scrapped.

Casino anyone?

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