Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Spiteful Little Unnamed Man

I have to give credit to the Philadelphia Inquirer for keeping with this story. All too often the media headlines bury the plight of historians, but the Inquirer - and a number of other local media sources - have set aside a significant amount of space for saving La Ronda (or at the very least, letting everyone know how this happened, and who is to blame). I'm not a proponent of playing the blame game but when someone offers you the opportunity to save a substantial amount of money, save you a substantial amount of work, and you turn them down in favor of spending more money to destroy exactly what the other party is fighting to save, well, your name deserves to be dragged through the mud. Unfortunately the name is being withheld by his attorney, Joe Kuhls, who is also selectively returning calls even though the owner claims to be entertaining offers. Unfortunately the salvage process has already begun on the interior and La Ronda's fate look grim.

Benjamin Wohl is the Palm Beach, FL resident offering the owner the cost of dismantling and relocating the mansion. The owner has declined in favor of a costlier demolition on his own part. Spiteful man.

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