Monday, August 24, 2009

Philly Earns Green Cred...Then Blows It

Philly got major props when Comcast completed the nation's tallest green building, Comcast Center. All that recognition will be marred once the city's gas guzzling Pennsylvania Convention Center expansion project is complete, designed by a quilt of architects including the Vitetta Group and Kelly/Maiello. Bringing the total footprint to a massive three blocks it appears to be competing for the national title of "Biggest Waste of Space" as the Pennsylvania Convention Center's reputation for its overpriced and notoriously lazy union staff deters many vendors from ever returning. As for it's friendliness towards Mother Earth, well with Mayor Nutter and the state's reputation as Official Bitch, I doubt we'll be seeing waterless urinals given the mafia - um, I mean, union - opposition to "less maintenance" when Comcast demanded them. Needless to say the prospect of a green roof is probably a concept the developers have never even heard of. We'll also receive an additional exhaust tunnel on 13th Street for idling busses chartered to take conventioneers as close as the Sheraton at 12th and Arch, and the Hampton Inn at 13th and Arch. Way to go Philly.

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