Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Divine Lorraine Collection

Just as Converse released its first ever redesign of the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star in 85 years, artist Najeeb Sheikh took it a step further, locally speaking. The Gayborhood's posh new lifestyle store, Lapstone & Hammer (I really want to call it a clothing store, but look at it. It's clothing is more than just clothing) is offering Sheikh's redesigned Chuck's subtly embroidered with the Divine Lorraine's iconic signage. 

If Chuck's aren't your thing, you can also get t-shirts or caps, even key rings, towels, and sheets modeled after the hotel's originals.

The Divine Lorraine Collection is understated and simple, and rightfully so. If you know anything about the Divine Lorraine, you know that it needs no embellishment. 

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