Wednesday, July 1, 2015

30 Rock Rebranded

NBC's hit TV show, 30 Rock, called it years ago with a tongue in cheek joke, "how can a company from Philadelphia buy a company from New York? That would be like Vietnam defeating the United States in a ground war." 

Well, that happened, and today, 30 Rock's satirical joke became a reality set in stone (or LED lights). Manhattan's 30 Rockefeller Center has been officially branded the Comcast Building

It's really not that big of a deal. For decades, GE's neon signage has topped the building, even though many referred to it as the RCA building. Basically, it's had a a few notable tenants, but New Yorkers have still historically dubbed it "30 Rock." And that probably won't change. 

What is notable, at least for Philadelphia, is that one of our local powerhouses, perhaps the most powerful, will have a prominent place in the Manhattan skyline. So, you know, good for us. 

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