Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Philadelphia's Next Iron Chef: Wawa

Have you ever searched Yelp for a restaurant and found yourself reading a review for McDonald's? 

Why bother, right?

Well Christine Speer Lejune of Philadelphia Magazine and Josh Kruger of Philadelphia Weekly bothered. Lejune's spent a good chunk of internet real estate venting over the perceived local adoration of Wawa, and Kruger took offense. And what were once somewhat legitimate news outlets were more than willing to troll the world wide web with the bait.

Anyone concerned with the death of print journalism should be more concerned with what's replacing it online. 

Lejune comes across as a neo-Toryist who just found out Wawa doesn't serve scones while Kruger proved that the mainstream's love for plaid, fake glasses, and food trucks has driven hipsters to find irony in the last place possible: a corporate chain of convenience stores.

Bravo, journalists. I look forward to future reviews of Golden Corral's salad bar. Is it just me, or have the sneeze guards gotten higher? 

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