Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Divine Speakeasy

Eric Blumenfeld is speaking out on behalf of the Divine Lorraine, and what he has to say sounds pretty cool. 

The lobby is going to be one continuous space between the reception area and two restaurants. 

But even more interesting, Blumenfeld wants to reopen a shuttered speakeasy along Broad Street, an entrance on Broad leading to the basement.

Could one hotel and a few restaurants spur a renaissance on North Broad? In any other city, probably not. But the Divine Lorraine has a unique place in Philadelphia's history, one which has surprisingly been overlooked by Hollywood.

Despite the building's unique absence in popular culture - like many things Philadelphian - locals understand its place in history. The Divine Lorraine is no exception to the ills of urban explorers but even more would love a legal glimpse inside. 

Simply opening the building is likely to attract a profitable fixture on North Broad Street.

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