Friday, November 29, 2013

Comcast Expansion?

A mythical "source" at CBS Philly leaked the idea that Comcast may be planning to expand its Center City campus, vertically.

The company is now commonly referred to as Xfinity or NBC Universal, because a completely nonsensical moniker or the network that brought us 30 Rock and Seinfeld are more inviting than the name that reinvented the American monopoly.

Comcast once planned an additional midrise mirroring suburban station. Currently, the site of that building is a weed filled garden that no one can walk through.

Despite the company's abysmal reputation, potential additions to our skyline are full of hope. After all, in 2008, Comcast topped our unique skyline with a giant, silver Rubix Cube. I mean Comcast owns television, they could at least run Everybody Love Raymond reruns on that static boob tube 300 meters in the sky.

The lot at 18th and Arch was the site of the grandiose proposal for the American Commerce Center. The ACC, designed by CAD hacks and embraced by no one would have been the nation's tallest building.

Comcast's expansion in Center City is 100% speculation, but I'm having fun with it because I'm tired of talking about Market East. If Comcast does decide to expand in Center City, it likely won't be taller than its signature tower.

However sources from Liberty Property Trust, who manage 18th and Arch have stated that if Comcast expands, Norman Foster could be the architect. Norman Foster designed London's Saint Mary's Axe, or the Gerkin. If Comcast employs Foster for any expansion, it won't be conventional.

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