Thursday, March 24, 2011

MilkBoy Coffee Coming to Center City

Ardmore's hot coffee joint is about to grace Washington Square and add a little excitement to a dreary block of Chestnut Street. The versatile music cafe, MilkBoy will serve coffee, drinks, and burgers.

Philadelphia Weekly has a nice editorial on MilkBoy's growing pains, as does the The Save Ardmore Coalition, as the Philadelphia's carpenters union protesters have been picketing their Ardmore location with banners reading "Milkboy Coffee Hurts our community". What they don't tell you is that union contractors demanded three times the price of the competitive, fair market builders. If you ask me, muscling small businesses into a cash strapped, cost prohibitive situation is what hurts our community.

Once this place opens, be sure to check it out. The giant, inflatable rat will make it really easy to find.

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