Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fourth Annual Philly Spring Clean Up!

Break out the brooms and trash bags, Philly's Fourth Annual Spring Clean Up is this Saturday, April 2nd. The rain date is Saturday, April 9th.

In a city as notoriously filthy as Philadelphia, everyday should be Spring Clean Up Day. But we're human, and sometimes we need an event to remind us of the decent people we should be.

Philadelphia Streets Department has a sign-up sheet on their website, coordinating efforts towards target areas. If you're too busy, or simply don't feel like traveling, that doesn't mean you can't sacrifice a few large garbage bags and pick up the trash on your block.

If you think it's already clean, take another look. You'd be surprised how much trash accumulated in piles of snow and melted its way into your blind spot. Believe me, it's there.

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