Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bye-bye Philly Brownstoner

Perhaps the only major blog site that regularly references Philly Bricks is calling it quits, and they will be sadly missed. Not just because they take my rants and rambles (semi) seriously, but because they have become a staple of my morning coffee read.

Often more objective than the swill found in the Inquirer, and certainly the Daily News, Brownstoner's short and sweet quips about architecture and real estate manage to sum up exactly what I'm looking for when I reluctantly send my browser to

Started this past April,
Brownstoner Philly has grown to attract a very large daily audience, and has been repeatedly referenced by major media outlets in the region.

Thank You for Having Us


  1. Maybe you could start to take over and fill the void that will now be missing from my life???


  2. I too miss Brownstoner and glad I found your blog through them. Are you a professional planner or interested history/planning geek, like me?

  3. Just a history/architecture/urban planning geek :)