Friday, August 14, 2015

The New Headhouse Square

Have you ever thought, "I can't get enough of Headhouse Square?" Probably not. Do you know where Headhouse Square is? Maybe not.

It's a block-long, open air market between Society Hill and South Street. You've walked through it a dozen times. Sometimes there are vendors, sometimes they're aren't, but it's one of those unique and unassuming old Philadelphian structures that make us love Philadelphia. 

Headhouse Square's summer markets - sometimes crafts, sometimes antiques - have grown in popularity and spilled over into the oddly suburban parking spaces just above South Street. Well, neighborhood organizations have taken note, and they're discussing everything from a cafe to an expanded market.

This is great news, people. Not just because the city may be expanding its footprint of open air markets (Pennsylvanians love our junk), but also because the revitalization of our public spaces is trending beyond the city's core. City planners are proving that our public spaces are more than a token nod to tourists and commuters (take that, New York and D.C.), but a public service to those of us who love living here.

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