Monday, March 23, 2015

Avenue of the Wawa

Philadelphia may be on the fast track to becoming the nation's third tallest city, Market East is on the brink of an unthinkable renaissance, but there's one thing that seems to capture the attention of natives and transplants more than tall buildings, City Council elections, and potholes: and that's a made-to-order hoagie. 

More specifically, a hoagie from Wawa. 

Wawa announced it will be opening a new location at Broad and Walnut, a key corner on the Avenue of the Arts formerly occupied by Robinson's Luggage, and today our corner of the internet went wild. 

The location seemed primed for an upscale restaurant, but the reality in most pedestrian oriented cities calls for high volume on heavily trafficked corners, not high end. And the Avenue of the Arts probably does deserve an all night convenience store, so why not make it a local one?

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