Friday, October 31, 2014

For Pete's Sake

Little Pete's, the 17th and Chancellor institution featured in In Her Shoes, may be relocating. City Council is discussing zoning for the property that would allow a twelve story Hudson Hotel to be built on the site.

Despite my affinity for nostalgia, this is the first time I actually noticed that Little Pete's is located on the ground floor of a gross parking garage. Every time I popped in for late night scrapple, it felt like the restaurant was in a lean-to a la Midtown Village's doomed Letto Deli. But unlike Letto, Pete's nostalgia lies in easily relocated signage and decor. 

I just hope Pete has an affinity for kitsch and saves his Seinfeld-esque counter and deliciously dated booths, and namely the diner's triangular stained glass window and iconic awning. 

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