Sunday, May 11, 2014

W's Fifth Element

Our foul mouthed hero at Philaphilia posted an...interesting...rendering of W's Element Hotel proposed for 15th and Chestnut. It's a simple massing of the site, but it appears to have combined elements of the previously proposed Waldorf Astoria with a previous massing of the proposed W. Being developed by Brook Lenfest, securing funds shouldn't be an issue if the market permits. In other words, this could happen.

And it should.

It's a crazy looking building, but let's face it, a cool one. Let's not stop with standard materials, and as GroJLart suggested, blue glass. It's been dubbed the Element, and is well on its way to looking oddly futuristic. Let's hope the design evolves in an even crazier direction, so I can start calling it the Fifth Element.

Of course, this would be even better.

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  1. GroJLart didn't scoop anything. summersm on skyscraperpage had the information before anybody else yet again.