Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Union Muscle? Hit the gym, you're playing with the big boys.

It looks like the nonsense at the site of Post Brother's Goldtex Apartments isn't going to end until its tenants are hanging their curtains. While the Firefighter's Union actually opened up a legitimate concern, an easily addressable issue, the city's trade unions continue on their own route to derail construction outside any scope of logic, or at least carry out a few last ditch attempts.

You know the throngs of protesters that routinely block moving traffic in and out of the site? The traffic moving at about a mile an hour behind the crowd of New Jersey muscle waving poorly worded banners about "Community Standards"? The hoards of white guys who criticized the presence of a few Asian construction workers who clearly couldn't be local, you know, in Chinatown?

COMING SOON, whether you like it or not.

The Building and Trades Council has decided to take a security guard to court for no less than six counts of criminal activity, allegedly trying to run over some of the protesters.

With claims like aggravated assault and reckless endangerment, The Building and Trades Council is trying to project a "we're not messing around" image, flexing their muscles. We've all seen them sitting on the side of Vine Street guarding their frownie faced signs. That muscle atrophied years ago.

Anyone with an ounce of reason knows what this is: The Building and Trades Council's pathetic attempt to stave off development for another week or two by forcing the Post Brothers into another frivolous court battle.

With all the eyes on the site, both from the petty union members sitting outside with their camera phones and Post Brothers' security system rivaling Fort Knox, it's pretty obvious that the case will wind up just being another headache for the Post Brothers which could still get tossed out.

At worst it's a costly battle for both parties, including The Building and Trades Union who seems more vested in wasting money trying to bankrupt a nearly complete project than actually finding its members work.

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