Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paleofuturistic Taco Bell Coming to Philadelphia?

Forget going underground to get your Gordito, Taco Bell is coming to 1035 Chestnut Street.

Meh, right?

Well it's going to be an "upscale" Taco Bell. What's that, you ask? Well Foobooz is speculating a futuristic taco joint. Well, at least what Marco Brambilla thought a futuristic taco joint would look like in 1993 when he directed Demolition Man.

More realistically, and unfortunately, it will probably be a rebranded attempt to compete with Q-doba and Chipotle. But one can hope.

Of all the Hollywood attempts to predict the future, the 90's might be the most fabulous. I mean check out that hat. That's what people in the 21st Century are wearing to Taco Bell? How can one not love it?

I can't remember the movie, let alone it featuring a Taco Bell set in 2023, but I could probably find out with $3.99 and a trip to FYE. And I plan to.

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