Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Art Imitates Life Imitates Art

I just caught the Rocky Horror inspired episode of Cold Case, complete with Barry Bostwick. Aside from the question that slaps me in the face every time I see this show - "why was it cancelled? "- I was posed with another one as the episode came to a close, as a modern day audience sat in a vintage theater for a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Why don't we use our dwindling stock of old theaters?

With the historic community touring The Boyd and the Metropolitan's crumbling remains occasionally being used for art installations, why can't we surpass countless other small towns that have turned their vintage theaters into profitable homes that pay tribute to the silver screen?

Somehow we manage to throw more parades than our Nation's Capital, but we can't think of a seasonal movie to screen every weekend.

Come on, Philadelphia.

The Metropolitan's deteriorating interior may be in need of corporate intervention. But why does The Boyd, located in a prime entertainment area, refuse to open its doors to the public without dedicated funding from a major developer and a complete rehabilitation?

I understand the appeal in its possibilities, but in an absence of offers, do something with it. Show A Christmas Story on Christmas, The Wizard of Oz on Easter, Priscilla Queen of the Desert during Gay Pride, and of course, The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween. I'm sure Philadelphia has no shortage of eccentrics in it's colorful art community to fill the aisles with a cast of characters for any theme we can think of, at least every weekend.

Instead of trying to be New York, maybe we should take a page from Phoenixville and say, if Charlottesville, VA can do it, why can't we?

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  1. I've always wondered why I had to take the train to Bryn mawr to go to a repertory theater...