Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barely Human: Jim McGreevey

Okay, so he's not from Philly but New Jersey shenanigans have helped shape the face of our city for centuries, for good or bad. Wasn't Milton Street a NJ resident when he "ran" for mayor?

Self-proclaimed "Gay American" Jim McGreevy, the former NJ governor who resigned after a whole host of weird behaviors spawned from allegations over his sexuality, ultimately including a nasty divorce, has found his way back in the news.

After making the entire gay community look like a bevy of devious liars, adding another stain to New Jersey's tainted reputation, he's decided to try to soil another group's reputation: The Episcopal Church. 

As they are no strangers to controversy, he sensibly avoided the Catholic church and converted to the more liberal Episcopal sect. 

Doing what all celebrities do when they get out of rehab, he "found God". Only he took it one step further and joined the clergy, or at least he tried. I'm not a religious person, but I have respect for those that are. Enough to be offended when someone like McGreevy not only joins the church, but tries to play an administrative role in the faith, as a PR move.  

It's skeevy. McSkeevy.

He couldn't lead a state without deceit. How could anyone put faith in his leadership behind that which they hold most sacred?
Luckily for the church, which is no doubt already exercising caution due to the scandals surrounding its sister religion, could see past McGreevy's transparent - and bizarre - intentions. So much so that a source at the Episcopal Diocese of Newark explained that the reason he was denied a bid to the priesthood "was not (for) being gay but for being a jackass."


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  1. haha, that last line is amazing. What a jackass.