Wednesday, February 16, 2011

West Philadelphia Tour

Because sometimes you just want to look at pictures, here's a small pictorial tour through West Philadelphia. Mostly Spruce Hill, I noted historical information where I could find it. Surprisingly, little information is readily available on some of the neighborhood's grander mansions.

41st and Spruce

A similar neighbor in 1964.

4206-4218 Spruce Street

4206-4218 Spruce Street in 1965.

42nd and Spruce
4200 Spruce Street
Clarence Howard Clark, Jr., Residence
Built c.1868
Designed by Mantle Fielding, Jr.
Alterations by Furness & Hewitt c.1875

Clarence Howard Clark, Jr., Residence c.1901

4201 Spruce Street
Saint Andrew's Chapel
Designed in 1923 by Zantzinger, Borie & Medary.

4201 Spruce Street was originally the site of the residence of Clarence Howard Clark, father of Clarence Howard Clark, Jr.

42nd and Locust

42nd and Locust in 1964.

4300 Block of Spruce

45th and Spruce

4418-4422 Spruce Street
Concord Hall Apartments
Built c.1923

Concord Hall c.1925

4400 Block of Spruce

4501-4507 Spruce Street

4501 Spruce Street

4537 Spruce Street

Built c.1904
Designed by Mahlon H. Dickinson

4500 Block of Spruce

4600 Spruce Street

Built c.1910
Designed by E. Allen Wilson.

4600 Block of Spruce

46th and Pine

4600 Block of Pine

4431-4439 Walnut Street

Built c.1907
Designed by Clarence Eaton Schermerhorn
Originally the 40th Street Methodist Episcopal Church
Mount Ephraim Tabernacle Baptist Church
As of 1992, serves as the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects Headquarters.

Restaurant School of Philadelphia

The Restaurant School building in 1965.

Renovated offices of Campus Apartments property management.

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