Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Attention agoraphobics (or anyone outside the city that doesn't want to deal with the Jerseyvania Triangle or the Philadelphia Parking Authority), now you can visit Philadelphia from the comfort of your own Cheeto covered desk chair. GeoSim Systems Ltd. has released a complete, virtual model of Center City Philadelphia detailed right down to the tile outside the Full Moon Saloon. So if you're bored with your real life, or even your Second Life, check out GeoSimPHILLY.

Market East on GeoSim Systems Ltd. GeoSimPHILLY

All joking aside, this is quite an astonishing feat and could prove a unique tool to city planners, real estate agents, and tourism.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Friend to Animals?

Car hits horse carriages, injures 3

I'm a friend to animals. I support the SPCA and Philly Paws. But some "animal rights" freaks are salivating over tragedy and it disgusts me. This driver could have just as easily plowed into three pedestrians - and it wouldn't be the first time - and these people are more concerned with the three uninjured horses than the three people taken to the hospital. There is absolutely nothing wrong, outdated, or inhumane about nostalgic horse drawn carriage rides through Philadelphia's historic districts.

Say what you will about the dangers of operating a horse on the streets of Philadelphia in 2010, but as far as I know the speed limits of surface streets haven't changed since the 50s, a time in which it wasn't uncommon to see horses being used for more than just tourism. In fact, as this city becomes more popular we will gain residents and tourists which translates into pedestrians and cyclists which could have just as easily been hit by this idiot. The problem is not horse drawn carriages, it is the speeding and aggressive driving - often aimed at pedestrians and cyclists (and anything deemed too slow for New Jersey) - that is consistently overlooked.

The "Peace Advocacy Network" and Leila Fusfeld are using this as a means to an end to complete an agenda against an industry they know nothing about. Mayor Nutter and Councilman DiCiccio, please don't sheepishly pander to these alleged friends to animals. Take a trip up to the Loft District and witness first hand how these horses are lovingly cared for. Go to a farm and get to know a horse, understanding first hand that Leila Fusfeld and her minions are grossly inaccurate in assuming that horse drawn carriages can in any way be considered abuse. These animals were bred for labor. "Horse power" is used to measure engine strength for a reason. And don't forget that the end of these horses' careers is quite simply a death sentence. An unemployed horse equals dog food. Leila Fusfeld wouldn't want you to know that.

From Councilman Frank DiCicco: "There was an unfortunate accident. There are accidents that happen every day in the city of Philadelphia. There are pedestrians who are hit by cars and either injured or killed. I don't see anyone out there saying eliminate motor vehicles from the streets of our city also."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Straight out of a South Park episode, one can easily picture Officer Barbrady calling up Uncle Jimbo and Cousin Ned to off someone's stray chicken. But that's exactly what happened last weekend as a Lower Merion police officer responded to a call about a "large, orange chicken running at large" in someone's lawn. That large orange chicken was Connie, and belonged to a Lower Merion family who had posted Facebook comments and signs around the area when she had gotten loose on March 29th. Rather than calling animal control (or simply wrangling it into a cardboard box), the unnamed officer who "felt that it was a threat to other domestic animals", according to Lower Merion Lt. Christopher Polo, called up Jimbo and Ned, uh, I mean a friend in the fire department to take out the pet with a bow and arrow. Even Lt. Polo conceded, "that the officer could have used much better judgment in the resolution of this issue." I'd say. Residents of Lower Merion: keep an eye on your dogs, cats, and small children! The Lower Merion police department might call up some redneck buddies itchin' for some target practice. You know, killing animals for fun is often one of the first signs of a serial killer.