Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Straight out of a South Park episode, one can easily picture Officer Barbrady calling up Uncle Jimbo and Cousin Ned to off someone's stray chicken. But that's exactly what happened last weekend as a Lower Merion police officer responded to a call about a "large, orange chicken running at large" in someone's lawn. That large orange chicken was Connie, and belonged to a Lower Merion family who had posted Facebook comments and signs around the area when she had gotten loose on March 29th. Rather than calling animal control (or simply wrangling it into a cardboard box), the unnamed officer who "felt that it was a threat to other domestic animals", according to Lower Merion Lt. Christopher Polo, called up Jimbo and Ned, uh, I mean a friend in the fire department to take out the pet with a bow and arrow. Even Lt. Polo conceded, "that the officer could have used much better judgment in the resolution of this issue." I'd say. Residents of Lower Merion: keep an eye on your dogs, cats, and small children! The Lower Merion police department might call up some redneck buddies itchin' for some target practice. You know, killing animals for fun is often one of the first signs of a serial killer.

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