Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kestenbaum's Monster

Historic La Ronda before being demolished by Joseph D. Kestenbaum
Joseph D. Kestenbaum, the pariah who razed the Main Line's historic La Ronda despite offers from a Florida philanthropist to front the cost of moving the mansion to a new location, has begun construction on his 16,000+ square foot McMansion at 945 Roscommon Road. Named for La Ronda's original address, 1030 has been designed by Visich Architects, an architecture firm known locally for their suburban interpretations of classic, Main Line architecture common in wealthy, cul de sac communities in tri-state area suburbs.

A rendering of a Visich Architects McMansion
Kestenbaum and Visich prove once again that money demonstrates little about taste and sophistication. While the original, 21 room mansion was constructed of steel, brick, and concrete, 1030 will be hastily clad in a Tyvek stucco and artificial stone veneer, sacrificing quality and craftsmanship for an indoor hockey rink.

Joseph D. Kestenbaum's McMansion under construction

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